Training Department Metrics

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I know that deciding what metrics you report on to your leadership is a very

important issue.  Here is a list of some that you might measure now:

  • classes held
  • students that took classes
  • e-learning classes accesses or completed
  • students in key programs
  • satisfaction level of classes or e-learning courses completed
  • increase in knowledge gained as measured by pre/post tests
  • program adoption metrics as measured by tool usage or behavior observed
  • improved student on the job performance
  • and if your really good – financial impact or return on investment
  • departmental performance to budget
  • impact on the customer

Do you have the ability to measure and report on these metrics?  Shouldn’t


  • Department projects, in-progress, completed, and awaiting resources
  • Number of learning courses or objects created
  • Work done for each department or business unit
  • Learning objects for each end user audience
  • Projects completed or worked on by each of your employees
  • Typical project duration by learning object type
  • Number of projects completed on time/budget

What metrics do you measure and report on?

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Other Things To Manage Besides Your Development Methodology

September 9th, 2010 Curt Will Posted in Managing, Uncategorized No Comments »

Once you have your development methodology defined for the different types of training projects your team will be working
on, you won’t want to forget about the other things that you and your team should be keeping an active eye on while managing a training
development project.  Here are a couple of things to keep in mind.


Clearly define what the project will and will not encompass. What are the expected outcomes or business impact? What does the change control process look like and when must it be activated?

Time Line

The time required to complete this project given all factors and any milestones that may impact the project should be identified up front.


What quality standards have been outlined by the organization or the clients for the this project?  And how will they be verified?


Who needs to be told of project progress and when? Why must they be told?  What should they be told? How or what medium will be used to


Costs for special equipment, materials, labor or staffing needs should be defined and approved.

Staff Resources

Who will be involved? Why those individuals? Is there a need on the project for special skills or qualifications?

External Resources

Do they require contracts? Do they need some ramp up time that you must account for? What reports and management processes need to be put in place?


How much risk is associated with the project? How much can be risked? Who decides the level of risk? What is the notification/escalation process?

Curt Will

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